Historically after a mass shooting and the loss of lives, there are calls for stricter gun limits, especially from Presidents, especially Democratic ones or Congress, which sends those considering buying a gun rushing to purchase a weapon before any new laws can take effect.

Even the shares of gun companies shot up on Wall Street yesterday.

But have you noticed not a word about gun laws from this President?  Finally the NRA has a president in their pocket.

This killer had purchased over 100 rifles and had them modified to shoot bullets in succession instead of single shots. A person who hunts needs a good rifle, and a person who wants to protect their home needs a good gun. All other assult weapons belong to the military and law enforcement agencies.




  1. You certainly claim an awful lot in this short post with zero citation. Much of it conflicts with other reports. Sounds like you copied it from some MSNBC entertainer. But hey, as Rahm would say, never let a crisis go to waste. Maybe the more prudent approach is to let investigators do their job, determine why this deranged dude did what he did, then start talking about possible ways it could have been prevented.

    There’s also no such thing as an assault weapon. That’s a media coined term meant to instill fear and emotion on an inanimate object.

      • Tail risk Frank. It’s just part of being alive. If somebody with reasonable intelligence decides that he wants to kill a bunch of people and keeps his trap shut, chances are, a bunch of people are going to die. Remember the Nice, France, car ramming massacre that took the lives of 86 people. Ban all of the guns and psychos will still figure out a way. Or rather, go for the gun ban and watch as a civil war erupts. Humans are violent. Some are psychopathic. Situational awareness helps. Being able to defend yourself helps. Sometimes its just your turn. Jumping in to push an agenda when people are emotionally vulnerable is not going to change that.

  2. I agree with David. If you researched you would find many cases where a person with a carry license has or could have saved many lives in mass shootings. There will always be a case for and against guns. However of the billions of people in the U.S. and the number of psychopaths that decide to use a gun to inflict mass casualties, nothing can be done. They will always find a way.

  3. So, more gun laws will obviously work, just look at Chicago, the city with the strictest gun laws on the book. Just the month of September there were 57 deaths and 273 wounded. Correct me if I am wrong, there is already laws on the books for murder, attempted murder, committing a felony with a weapon, these laws didn’t seem to stop the deaths in Chicago or Las Vegas. Also, all of the drug laws we have on the books have really stopped that problem, huh Frank.

  4. A headline from the News Journal dated January 15, 2016, “In Delaware, 71% of gun charges are dropped”. It goes on to say,” From 2012 to 2014, more than 11,700 felony weapon charges were filed in Delaware, and in most cases, the weapon was a gun. Yet, 71 percent of those charges disappeared before trials began”. Will someone please tell me why we need more gun laws. If Delaware’s Attorney General will not pursue these charges, what good are more laws on the books?

  5. Herman not too concerned with the small gun charges it’s the weapons used by law enforcement and military that I want off the streets. No one wants to deny weapons for protection or hunting.

    • Not concerned about small gun charges? Really? 50 people die every month in Chicago from small gun homicides. Baltimore is heading to blow out its all time hand gun homicide record and Wilmington is following in their footsteps. The majority is black on black murder related to gangs and drugs. You don’t want to talk about it, the media doesn’t want to talk about it, Congress doesn’t want to talk about it no one wants to talk about it because it doesn’t fit the narrative. But let one idiot white guy shoot 50 people and all the rifles have to go. That’s fine. Go back and take a look at the red vs. blue maps from the 2016 elections. Keep being the party of gun control, identity politics and forced high cost health care. Just stop scratching your head wondering why Dems keep loosing seats nationally at all levels of politics.

  6. In some backwards way your making my point for me. Unless you live in certain neighborhoods of certain cities, or are suicidal, your chances of death by gunshot are extremely small. Your odds of death by rifle fire are nearly non-existent. Your 5x more likely to be stabbed to death. Your even more likely to be clubbed to death. Did you know the #3 cause of death in the US is medical mistakes. Behind only cancer and heart disease. The large majority of these are preventable. Where is the outrage. Talk about mass murder.

    The firearms your discussing, none of which are automatic, are used in an infinitesimally small number of shootings. Your chasing a low hanging fruit that kills few and solves nothing. Mass murder events like Vegas are, again, life’s tail risk.

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