The Liberal in me says it’s  ok to use my tax dollars to subsidize programs to help those in need and are suffering hard times.

I have been in favor of subsidizing farmers who suffer crop losses from draught, disease, or other events of nature. Farming is the back bone of this country and has been since day one. They feed us.

However, I am against Donald Trump authorizing $12 billion dollars to cover their losses because they are unable to sell their product abroad because of Trumps tariff increases to our foreign neighbors.

It’s a double whammy for tax payers. Our food is going to cost more at the stores, and our national debt will increase by adding the $12 billion subsidy.

Most of our farmers on Delmarva sell their corn and soybeans locally to feed mills, so few of them if any will be affected by Trumps tariffs. Our farmers production is a drop in the bucket compared to the large corporate farms in the mid=west where anything under 2000 acres in a small farmer.

That’s where the 12 billion will go to Trumps rich friends, the same friends he just give a huge tax beak to while giving the average working guy peanuts.

When I had my small business selling women’s apparel and shoes, when I fell into hard times due to recessions, bad weather, and had a large inventory left, their was no helping hand for me. I had to ‘eat ’em’ as the saying goes in retail.

Wealthy farmers in the Midwest supported Trump and his message, “Make America Great Again” which I thought we were doing quite well. So my message to the farmers in the Midwest who are stuck with their grain and beans; ‘Eat ’em’.



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