Their have been many visits by president Trump and most recently VP Pence to check on the conditions at border detention centers.

Both have returned from those visits stating how wonderful conditions are.

Out of the hundreds of detention centers, do you really think the guides are really taking our two leaders to the worst of the worse?

A recent visit by members of Congress including Delaware’s two US Senators, Chris Coons and Tom Carper.

Coons reported, “Conditional are getting less bad as supplemental appropriations provides funding for more facilities and supplies, but we should not be mistaken: For our country to have children and families in detention under the circumstances I saw in McAllen is unacceptable,” he said.

He said individuals were being provided water that was so heavily chlorinated as to be barely drinkable, many detainees were not told where their family members are; and instructions provided to migrants on when and where to appear for immigration hearings were solely in English and lacking specific dates, describing one site as “a dog kennel.”

I don’t care what your position is on immigrants, many of these people coming in legally asking for asylum, but this country treats prisoners accused of murder better than we are treating these immigrants.

4 thoughts on “DO YOU REALLY THINK……

  1. This is one reason the President calls this a crisis. The border needs to be closed in some way. It might be a wall in some parts, electronic surveillance in others, etc. The massive numbers crossing the border are mostly illegals who made an unsafe journey with children; this was their choice. I wonder how many children became ill, undernourished, and died during their long journey. Did they have access to shelter, clean water, showers, etc during their trip to the border? Suddenly they cross the border and it becomes our fault. There is not an easy solution, but why have Democrats who wanted closed borders, deportations, etc. suddenly humanitarians. Listen to past speeches from Democrats. They said almost the identical things our President is saying.

      • Why do you think that is since the same policies are in effect now that were when Obama president ? Umm, how about no jobs, the economy was at a stand still, no employment opportunities no reason to come. Look back at the history of Immigration not just here but in other countries, it has always been a problem with the country have a strong economy.

        By the way, the laws currently trying to be enforced were currently enacted under Clinton, Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996. You like to blame Trump but your hero Clinton enacted these current laws, Obama’s Justice Department just refused to enforce them.

      • Dy I have to bite my tongue when you Conservatives reply to a liberal post. I guess you conveniently forgot we were in the Great Recession before Obama took office; car companies were going under, banks faltering daily because Bush had lifted safety standards put in by Obama’s administration. Like it or not, the bailouts of both saved this country from going under. It is so easy to continue an booming economy based on a previous administration, and Trump can’t take credit for any new growth, because he hasn’t proposed any new programs except his tax cut, telling a private group after its passage, “I just made you guys richer today.”
        I along with Americans are still awaiting for his “better healthcare” law for “better coverage, at a lower cost”, and waiting for his infrastructure package to fix our roads and bridges, and just for you, Mexico paying for the border wall. And for those who voted for Trump when he said, “Don’t sell your homes, the jobs are coming back”. How many auto plants and supporting companies in Ohio have shut down since his comment, and oh yes, American companies are coming back to the US. How gullible are you people to this racist, sexist, non-Christian idiot?
        And you have been out so long from the border service the countries you refer to were having the same problems with their dictatorships are they are now. Walls will not keep them out. Regardless they should be treated with dignity. As I have stated, we treat prisoners on death row better.

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