After the last two weeks of racists remarks by our president, their should be no doubt he is a racist.

Slamming four female minority Congress women for a week, even going as far as to tell one to go home where she came from. She has been an American citizen longer than the presidents wife.

Later in the week he called 30 year Congressman Elijah Cummings racist and condemned the job he was doing representing the city of Baltimore saying it was dirty and rat infested and accused him of misuse of Federal funds.

During my late wife’s illness we traveled to Johns Hopkins and University of MD hospitals. We stayed overnight, sometimes for weeks in hotels.

Yes, we were told not to venture out at night, a problem you will find in many inner cities.

Today Trump is boasting how many calls he has received complimenting him on his comments about Baltimore and Rep. Cummings. Ass Kissers.

Rep. Cummings marched with Rev. King, was attacked by a mob during a silent marching protest.

Trumps son-in-law owns apartments and other real estate holdings in Baltimore. I wonder how many of his units are rat infested? I wonder if a check of public records will show the number of violations Kushner has?

Trump is out of control. He doesn’t need to be impeached, he will eventually hand himself.

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