With all the recent racists comments, and Trumps continual calling those who disagree with his running of the government more and more people ae asking, “Why don’t respectable members of the US Senate and House speak up against Trump.

The answer is simple. They are scared to death of not being re-elected. Just look back at the 2016 election. Republican incumbents who disagreed with Trump were tweeted out of office by him.

Although his tweets are lies, his cult following are too lazy to check out the facts instead, “If our leader said it, it is true.”

He wants his lackey’s in office who bow down to his majesty. Look at the turn overs in his cabinet. Last I heard his oath of office was to serve ALL American’s not his majesty.

I bite my tongue when I see tapes when he was running for president and how his opponents spoke against him including US Senators Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz, both very critical now doing an about face; suck ups.

If Trump had told me my dad was involved in the assignation of President Kennedy, and ran down my day, I would have jumped on him without hesitation.

Maybe Republicans hope if they are re-elected and Trump is a lame duck, if re-elected, God forbid, they may speak up them without fear of repercussion.

By then it may be too late.

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