Trump wants to pull our U.S. troops from Syria, how many he hasn’t said. Currently we have 1000 troops in Syria, a drop in the bucket to the number of U.S. troops stationed around the war from Troy Gowdy.

These troops we have stationed in foreign countries are not about human rights as we promote but about Mineral rights or to protect our interests abroad. Our governments could care less about their suffering and poverty.

In Iraq, Syria and other counties in that area it’s about controlling the flow of OIL for our wealthy oil companies. In Afghanistan it’s about the mineral right for producing batteries. They don’t have the technology to mine for it, we do. It is the only country with a wealth of that precious miner.

Hell, we can’t even take care of our own human rights problems.

Yet we try to police the world at the expense of our young men and women, black, white, brown, transgender, gay or otherwise. To defend the wealthy in this country, who you are doesn’t matter, the $$$ sign matters.

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