Just received our new smaller recycle containers with instructions of what to and what not include.

Surprisingly we were allowed to keep our older larger recycle container for trash use only, which is a nice gesture except….

On recycle days the Republic/Waste Management trucks use only one driver because the recycle container has a robotic arm which lifts and dumps the container into an open bin in the truck and replaces it near the curb.

Which leads me to believe in the future that same truck will be stopping by for our trash collection with one driver and the robotic arm.

Multiply that one less person with the number of trucks the company has throughout the US. That’s the number of people who will be without jobs.

Plus the company saves on health insurance, vacation time and pensions. No it’s not the immigrants taking your jobs, it automation.


  1. Dale the current work force as we know it, is elderly, near retirement and losing their jobs. The type of manufacturing jobs, assembly line, they have been working; unfortunately they are too old to begin new careers or they don’t have the knowledge to enter the tech field.
    Yes, I agree many of the new jobs pay well, but especially in Sussex County, the coal mines of WV, the automotive plants, non-trainable. For the younger generation used to iPhones and computers, yes.

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