Delaware Republican State Senator Gerald Hocker, will sponsor a bill to allow schools in Sussex County to open their doors after Labor Day.

Currently schools return students the last week in August. The purpose of the bill is needed claims Hocker because of the number of teenagers who work summer jobs especially at the beach.

Returning to school early leaves many employees short for the Labor Day week-end. Also extending the vacation time another week gives families another week to vacation allowing more money for Sussex merchants, Hocker says.

Back a few years, school always began after Labor Day. Back then it was for the farmers who needed help bringing in their corn and soy beans.

Hocker has two large grocery stores in the Millville area and employs extra help during the busy summer months.


  1. The Indian River School District, part of which Sen. Hocker represents already goes back to school after the holiday. Not sure why he believes they need to pass a bill.

      • Cape Henlopen goes back after Labor Day as well. If the state keeps taking decision making powers away from the school boards pretty soon there will be no need to have them at all. Sounds to me like this a ploy to get cheap labor at the beach. I don’t see any businesses in the central or west side of the county clamoring for this change.

      • I would say Labor Day week is one of the strongest retail weeks. Suddenly not having any help can be stressful on a business owner, Plus kids usually use the summer to help pay for college or other expenses. Schools are only caring about having a longer Easter and Christmas vacation by starting school earlier. Remember unlike a business owner, they sign their paychecks on the back not on the front of the check.

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