Ouch, the Delaware Legislature returns tomorrow; ouch, keep your hands in your pockets.

Hundreds of bills will be introduced, some will receive press coverage, especially in the area of education, gun laws and of course the budget. Many will be dead on arrival never to be hear from again.

This is an election year, a lot of band standing will occur, accusations across party lines, most of it hot air.

Don’t expect controversial bills to be brought up; no one will make a stance fearing loss of votes for their re-election. However this is a good year for lobbyists getting some controversial bills passed, by “encouraging” legislators to see your way in the form of a nice campaign contribution.

The state should have a surplus of money to work with this budget year. That can be dangerous and a headache for the governor since legislators will want to lavish their districts with ‘free money’.

Should be an interesting session.

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