We have heard many stories about fixing boxing, and horse racing by either drugging a horse or breaking their stride but breaking he rules in football and baseball are rarities.

The last few years the New England Patriots have been accused with cheating, this week the award goes to the Houston Astro’s accused of sign stealing during Houston’s run to the 2017 World Series title and the 2018 season.

The penalty: a slap on the wrist, fining the team owner $5 million for sign-stealing by the team during its run to the 2017 World Series title and during the 2018, the maximum allowed under the Major League Constitution. The Astros will forfeit their next two first and second round draft picks.

To show good faith, the Astros’ fired their team manager and GM. Owner Jim Crane said he knew nothing about the sign stealing.

The $5 million fine is a joke; by winning the World Series, the Astros’ picked up double that amount in ticket sales and TV revenue, which spilled over the following season.

As far as losing first and second round draft picks, the Astros’ like the Yankees years back, can afford to purchase players when they end their contracts with their current teams.

The Boston Red Sox are also under investigation for sign stealing in the 2018 season when the Red Sox won the World Series.

In college sports when a college is found in violation of the rules, their entire schedule of wins are entirely wiped out and they are not allowed in the play offs.

I think the same rules should apply to pro sports.

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