A lot has changed since I began this blog in 2008. Since that time FB, social media has replaced readers of blogs. I think Blogging peaked when I began my blog.

Then I kinda vacated my blog to concentrate on writing my weekly column for the STAR. Now I’m dedicating all my time to this blog and I find things have changed, so I need to change as well.

We’re going to mix up the stories we write on this blog, something for everyone. From sports, where I first began my 50 year writing career with the former State Register, to local events, current controversary stories, and of course, politics.

The advantage of having a blog for me is I can write a post anytime, not just once a week, and the stories will be current events.

I hope you will join me in our new adventures. You can subscribe FREE to our blog by signing in to; http://www.frankcalio.com and sign in for automatic notifications when we publish a new post.


  1. I am delighted that I can now enjoy your wit,
    sarcasm and thoughts on more than a weekly basis.
    Some people have yet to figure out what happened at The Star but I think most of us realize that freedom of the press is really freedom for the owner of the press.
    Looking forward to your thoughts during this upcoming election year and any other wisdom you wish to pass on.

    • LOL Deb, I hope I can keep up your expectations of my writings. Thanks for your kind comments. I am quite excited of the opportunity to write often. I have even posted before I leave for my dialysis treatments, 5:00 am. For years I have had something on my mind I felt would be an interesting column only to remember I had just sent one to the paper.

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