What has the Coronavirus have to do with the increase in gun sales. Apparently plenty. 

Gun sales have spiked to an all time high since 9-11 mainly because of fears of home break ins because so many have lost their jobs, and the fear of many resorting to desperate means to land their hands on money. 

It is indeed an unsafe time in the world, our country. People are helpless with no site this virus outbreak will end soon. 

I have a friend, a retired Marine officer for 25 years, who has never owned a gun since his discharge. He recently purchased a gun for home protection. His selection at the gun store was limited since the owner said he had sold 60 guns the day before. 

My wife and I went for a short ride yesterday to pick up ice cream cones from a drive-in. On the way home we passed a local gun store where I usually see one or two vehicles on any given day. This time the parking lot was filled with cars apparently doing the same thing my friend did the day before. 

We have a security system, but I also know desperate people do desperate things; if they want to break in a home they will. We keep no cash at home, making our purchases with credit cards or making major purchases online. 

Owning a gun, not yet, but I must admit the idea of owning one is on my mind daily. 

A difficult time to rob a store since so few are open. The next option if your home. 

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