South America, a socialist country also hit with the virus is way ahead of this country in aiding the workers and small businesses suffering losses from the recent flue epidemic.  

Getting a phone call from a cousin on my dad’s side of the family she mentioned a stimulus package has long passed her country giving stipens to families, with more to come is the epidemic continues, and has bolsted stuggling businesses. 

Meanwhile this countries goverment is stalled between political infighting; Republicans as usual, want to protect the wealthy, giving millions to corporations with no guarentees to pay it back, or not to purchase buy back stocks as they did in the tax bill, using up cash needed now they don’t have, also no gurarentee they will hire back those laid off, money to the curise industry who don’t have accounts in this country, their money is in off shore banks where they pay no taxes to the US, all areas the Democrats don’t approve.

Democrats want the out of workers to be fairly reembursed to help carry them through these difficult times, grants to small businesses which they only pay interest on the grant for a short time then the grant is forgiven, with the promise they also will rehire their layed off helf, and money to large corporations which have to be paid back to the government. 


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