When Sherman Tribbitt was governor of Delaware after serving a term as Lt. Governor, I asked him one day in his office while sitting behind the Governors desk,  instead of being behind the other side of the desk as Lt. Governor was much different. 

His answer: “You don’t have a chance to second guess your decision.” I wondered this week if Governor Carney who served as Lt. Governor from 2001-2009 had those same thoughts. 

Over the past several months Governor Carney has had to make decisions affecting the health and welfare of his citizens, and those affecting the personal, financial, and business welfare of others. 

I have known the governor since he was the Finance Director under Governor Tribbitt, I know him to be compassionate, willing to compromise, listens to everyone, and makes his decision based on facts, and compassion. 

I feel the public, being on the outside, not knowing the studies he has read, the pressure he has had from Republican legislators, and the marches to reopen businesses, and the risks for a second outbreak which the medical and scientific professionals say could be worse than the first COVD-19 has not been fair to our Governor. 

Unlike our president who refuses to accept advice from his medical team, CCD Task Force, instead deciding lives, especially seniors don’t matter, cares more about the status of the stock market and his re-election, we have a Governor who considers the dilemma of all of his citizens. 

So, the Governor is beginning to open small businesses with limits, and he is still receiving grumbling from those still facing restrictions. He is acting conservatively giving a little at a time. Isn’t that what Republicans stand for; bring Conservative?

Governor Carney has been sticking with his program, not flip flopping every day like our president. Let’s cut him some slack. 

Yes, we will get through this together, but let us allow those in charge, who are following this epidemic every day, let’s cut them some slack. 



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