Yep, I can tell you when the Coronavirus pandemic will end based on past experience.

When I had my shoe store, the second wave of popularity for girls saddle, white and black with red soles shoes came back in demand, (the first wave was in the ’50’s), it was almost impossible to keep an inventory. 

For each reorder, no matter how large, I was lucky to receive one or two pairs, usually not in popular sizes. 

So, later during this fad, tired of getting nothing, I put in an order for 100 pair, figuring maybe I’d get a dozen pair or so. By golly, I was able to receive that entire order. I was elated, but later sorry I received that order. 

The fad for those saddle shoes had dropped overnight like hail from the sky. It took me over a year to rid my inventory of those shoes even when I put them on sale. 

Either every young girl in America had purchased those shoes, or the fad had ended. 

So I figure when my bride can go into any store and purchase all the toilet paper and paper towels, hand sanitizers, pasta or whatever, the worst of the virus is over, everyone has what they thought they needed….until the snow comes. 

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