If you think your “Temporary” layoff is just around the corner, you may be one of many where that layoff may be permanent. 

Many owners of small chains restaurants, and other small restaurants and businesses are reevaluating their former claims that once the viral outbreak had subsided, their companies planned to recall all its laid-off workers. 

Now these businesses have cut back estimates as reopening hasn’t caused the business ‘boom’ many has predicted. 

Call it realism or pessimism, but more employees are coming to a reluctant conclusion: Many of the employees they’re had to lay off in the face of the pandemic might not be returning to their old jobs anytime soon. 

Some of the larger companies won’t likely survive at all despite aid provided by the federal government. 

If so, that would undercut a glimmer of hope in the brutal April jobs report the government issued last Friday, in which a record shattering 20.5 million people lost jobs. A sizable majority of the jobless-nearly by 80%-characterized their loss as only temporary. 

In some of the larger states, Texas as an example, has restrictions on the amount of customers allowed in their restaurants as a compromise for opening. The percentage is so small to a number of larger restaurants which Texas is noted for, is not enough patrons to make a profit. The success to a restaurant is to turn over a number of tables to be profitable. 

Frankly Speaking I believe companies are using this pandemic to ‘weed out’ the slackers in their work force instead of having to ‘fire them’.

And as many larger corporations have done over the past decade is to hire less and put more on those who want to stay employed earning more profits for the corporations. 


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