I admit I’m not the brightest bulb in the box but throughout my career owing a business, and almost two decades in local, county and state government, I have learned a lot by listening to the advice of people smarter than me.

Their is nothing wrong with asking for advice, then making a decision. That’s why it is smart to surround yourself with smart people.

I have learned more recently as I age, to listen to my medical team of doctors, and carefully follow their advice, never missing taking my medication and watching my diet. 

I rate my medical professionals just that, professional, a master in their field.

I wish our president would do the same with his medical advisors instead of misleading and upset the citizens of this country.  Unfortunately, Trump has his group of cult followers believing everything he says, even to drinking disinfectants because he said they would kill the current virus epidemic. 

They say you can’t fix stupid. I am starting to believe that. 

Trump has stopped having his daily press conferences because I think he was finally convinced the conferences were hurting his poll numbers, because “his” facts were being corrected by his own medical staff and fact checked by the media which he labels “fake news” because the media corrects him. 

Wednesday he chastised the leading medical scientist in the country, his own medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci for playing both sides, not doing his job. 

Watching the press conferences, you can see Trumps medical team dismay at his comments. If they speak out they are fired. Trump knows more than anyone, and although this outbreak can’t be blamed on Trump, his handling or mishandling of the virus had led to many unnecessary deaths. 

His refusal tout the virus as a fluke, passing within the month, or when the weather turns warmer it would go away, lost valuable time allowing the virus to spread rapidly, not have the necessary supplies to thwart the spread of this deadly virus.

His leadership leaves a lot to be desired: refusing to wear a mask when medical leaders have said it will help in the spreading of germs, staying away from crowds, including several WW11 soldiers  speaking to them too close for comfort, saying the wind was blowing away from them.

He certainly qualifies for not being the brightest bulb in the box. 

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