The recent death of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police captured on video and watched all over the world brought on demonstrations, mostly sincere to unify the world over police mistreatment of mostly black people, the injustice of the system, hoping for a movement to change procedures, and of course some using the opportunity to further their political calendar.

We’ve seen similar protests when their is a shooting or bombing, particular a mass killing on some school campus, religious or office buildings.

Usually in both events when the smoke clears despite strong protest, and hearings in Congress, nothing gets done. Will the same happen again?

Apparently injustice among minorities not only exist in this country but in many other countries as evidenced by the outpouring of demonstrators.

This being an election year brought out elected officials from all walks of life, and some activists who want to secure their agenda. Most I hope were sincere in helping the cause, some I doubt.

Democrats have passed a new crimes bill, and Trump has promised one from his party. Hopefully the two bill combined will benefit the American public especially the minorities.

Their has been many articles and TV documentaries on the plight of the minorities; being stopped by police for no violiations, treated differently than whites with remarks to black business people with vans marked of their business, with policeman no black man can, you name the rest.

Don’t want to pick on my southern friends, but anytime we traveled south we’d see many cars pulled off the road by police, very few white, sometimes two or three police cars with black family members and children sitting on the side of the road. and the dad with his hands on the top of their car trunk open. Take a hard look next time you travel south.

I had to wonder why they were stopped. I have read the posts which state the police have killed more white men than black. Yes, but most of those were both sides exchanging gun fire from a robbery, hostage situation or other events, not a traffic stop or someone jogging, some event which usually required a call for police back up. I have never seen a white person dragged out of a house, a robbery, or a traffic stop.

I’m thinking should a new crime bill be passed, it will be a watered down non-effective bill just to show something was done, and each legislator can brag of their efforts to protect their citizens.

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