The latest candidate to enter an uphill battle to the Governors Mansion by a Republican, is State Senator Colin Bonin who apparently hopes to improve upon his 35% showing in his first run.

Aside from two unknown Republicans candidates is another familiar face St. Senator Bryant Richardson who is attempting his second try for the nomination losing to Bonin in their last matchup.

I call them sacrificial lambs, not out of disrespect but by being convinced by whomever pushed them to run that unless incumbent Democrat Governor John Carney does something really embarrassing, he is in like Flynn, and I don’t mean the General.

Politics in Delaware runs like this: if party leaders from both sides in New Castle County think they have a snowballs chance of upsetting an incumbent or their is an open seat, it goes north. If polling, and it goes on year round, shows a weakness some brave Republican from north of the canal will be the parties choice to be on the November ballot.

If polling shows not a chance in Hell, party members up north will allow downstaters to battle it out.

Even so on the state ticket Republicans are underdogs because of the states registration. Democrats out number registered Republicans by 48% to 27% with the majority of Democrats in NCCo. During the 1960’s to the 1980’s the opposite was the Democrats in the southern two counties out registered Republicans. In the Laurel area the registration was 4-1 Democrats.

Bonini like most Republicans is opposed to Carney’s handling of the Coronavirus. He has not directly attacked the governor on this issue, but said officials should have been more willing to keep businesses and other establishments open, only shutting them down in the face of a clear and present danger.

Breaking news Senator. Delaware’s numbers only increased when the governor began opening doors and beaches. He was correct in holding back.

As reported by the Washington Post, 73% of Delawareans in a May Survey/Monkey Poll said they approved of how Gov. Carney has handled the state’s response to the outbreak. That figure was 15th overall and seventh out of the 24 governors.


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