I met with Governor Sherman Tribbitt in his office shortly after he was elected Governor after serving the state as Lt. Governor before being elected Governor, I asked the question, “How does it feel sitting on the other side of the desk as governor and not as Lt. Governor?”

He quickly replied, “No second guessing, you make a decision and go for it”. The Governor certainly had his share of decisions to make which affected the lives of thousands of Delawareans including the closure of Farmers Bank, the destruction of the railroad bridge over the Delaware River, and an inherited bankrupt state.

I’ve thought often of him during the turmoil our current Governor, John Carney is going through with the COVID-19 on a daily basis. He has to make decisions daily affecting all Delawareans. No second guessing, lives are at risk.

Their is enough second guessing from his opponents.

As reported by The Washington Post, 73% of Delawareans in a May Survey/Monkey Poll said they approved of how Gov. Carney has handled the state’s response to the outbreak. That figure was tied for 15th overall and seventh out of the 24 Democratic governors. From what I’m hearing the majority of Delawareans feel the same.

Still the criticism and actions for his actions continues, the latest from St. Senator Colin Bonini, who although did not mention the Governor by name instead saying, “officials should have been more willing to keep businesses and other establishments open, only shutting them down in the face of a clear and present danger.”

His fellow Republicans in the House and Senate share his feelings posting letters to the media trying to be advocates for small businesses when their voting records show a progressive anti-tax relief for the wealthy.

His fellow Republicans in the House and Senate share his feelings posting letters to the media trying to be advocates for small businesses when their policies have shown support for large corporations.

I was glad to see Dr. John Stapleford, policy director of the Conservative Caesar Rodney Institute pleas for the reopening for the working class people who are certainly no doubt the victims of businesses closing.

It was only months ago, he and his institute were fighting Gov. Carney over raising the minimum wage saying it would close businesses. He didn’t care about the working class then. POLITICS as usual.

I think pressure from protestors wanting businesses to open have seen the negative effect this is having with the beaches, bars, restaurants being packed causing the pandemic to increase in just a week.

I am an 82 year old senior with health problems. Every day I fear sticking my head out the door that someone who is enforcing his Constitutional rights by not wearing a mask may breathe on me and send me to the high heavens. Not a good feeling.

I thank my governor for his conservative handling of this virus. The Governor has put a hold on phrase three because of increase of cases during the past week. Good for him. We have the right man to protect us in Governor Carney.

I have a feeling after the public celebrates the 4th and spreads the virus we’re going back to the house to stay for awhile.

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