Do you think with the publication of Bob Woodward (Deep Throat/Watergate) that at least some of the Trump die hards have their eyes opened by his new book, RAGE, a lengthy interview with the president, a tell all book?

In the book which Woodward taped the interviews so Trump couldn’t deny his statements like always, the president admitted he knew the dangers of the virus, but played the seriousness down because he didn’t want to panic Americans.

A good spin and maybe give him credit for this, but that does not excuse he sitting on his hands and not mobilizing the health care industry with needed product to combat the virus and put Americans in a standardized order for everyone to stand down by mandating wearing masks, avoiding crowds, instead of refusing to abide by the advice of his advisors.

While other countries are rebounding from the virus and economic recovery has begun this country is still reporting record deaths, and the economy, especially the mom and pop operations, the backbone of this country’s economy suffers.

Health experts are estimating 100,000 lives could have been saved had Trump acted earlier.

The book by Woodward verifies the many lies Trump has denied over the years including his ties with Russia, his trust in the North Korea and Russia leadership, actually his selling out of Americans.

A Washington Post article by Bob Costa writing about Woodward’s book also indicates Trumps obligation to the Russians for bailing him out of financial blunders making Trump obligated to the Russians.

It’s difficult for Trump to deny the writings in this book; they have him nailed with his actual tapings, Watergate two.

Watching the polls over the next few days should indicate how the Trump supporters will drop Trump or stick with him.


  1. Based on what I have seen and heard I think the
    Trump supporters are so wrapped up in wanting to be right they will soldier on and vote to keep their leader in the White House. I personally don’t know how so many people can be duped but maybe it shows how lazy we have gotten. To lazy to check the facts and find out the truth whether it be for or against our chosen candidate.

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