As had been my tradition each election cycle to give my predictions on the forthcoming election, here they are. These are not endorsements.

With Presidential Candidate Joe Biden atop of the ballot in Delaware, with his popularity in New Castle Co, and the strong Democrat registration, in that county and the City of Wilmington, he will lead the state-wide offices, John Carney, Governor; Bethany Hall Long, Lt. Governor: Chris Coons, U.S. Senate; Lisa Rochester. U.S. Congress; and Trinidad Navaro, Insurance Commissioner to an overwhelming victory, as Delaware along other states will have record turn outs in voting.

The voting will be entirely different in the southern two counties, very much conservative, but a record turnout will not change the state-wide ticket.

LOCALLY: Representative District #35. incumbent Jesse Vanderwende vs challenger Darrynn. Incumbency has a great advantage as does name recognition. Republican Vanderewende has both. Winner in this contest goes to Vanderewende.

In the 36th district, Republican Bryan, former mayor of Milford is the incumbent, is challenged by Greg Fuller, former SC Clerk of the peace. Fuller has placed some nice TV ads, but Milford is a tough spot for Democrats to gain votes, once again a former Democrat stronghold. Good fight Greg, but no cigar unless real Democrats turn out for the presidential race, then he could ride a blue wave.

Incumbent Republican State Representatives Stephen Smyk of the 20th District, Ruth Briggs King of the 37th, another Republican seat, as the 38th with Ron Gray, 38th, Danny Short, 39th, 40th, Republican Tim Dukes, and Rick Collins all unopposed for another 2yr term.

State Senator Republican Brian Pettyjohn is uncontested.

The County Council races are quite different; Council District 1 finds Republican incumbent Mike Vincent having an opponent this time around. A new comer to politics Hunter Hastings has been working his way around the district. Vincent has been president of the County County Council for some time.

Again incumbency and name recognition would give the nod to Vincent. However their is some backlash in this race, I don’t think has gone far, is the position Vincent took in the closing of the 911 center in Seaford, supposedly favoring the center in Seaford. How deeply this issue is among Seaford residents I cannot find. Incumbency again should prevail as well as serving as president.

The 3rd Councilmatic district has been watched by many, pitting Mark Schaffer who won an upset victory over Republican I. G. Burton by a handful of votes.

Enter Pat Draqo a supporter of Burton who started a petition for Burton to run as a 3rd party candidate. When he refused she filed as a 3rd party write-in candidate.

She has raised over $80,000 for her campaign. Her TV ads clearly show voters how to do a write-in vote. Schaffer, former mayor of Smyrna, led super development/growth of that once sleepy town, now one of the largest south of the Chesapeake Canal, is a transplant as is Ms. Drago. I wouldn’t bet either way on this race, but if voters know how to use the write in, the race could go the way of Ms. Drago.

The news media has certainly kept us nail biting on the presidential race. Polling shows Biden in the lead, but last minute turnouts by Republicans in key battleground states show cutting those Biden majorities.

As Joe Biden has said to me many times, “Republicans my fight among each other, but on election day, they all come home.”

Trump pulled it off last time with his last minute barn storming of key states, and a big help from last minute false accusations from AG James Comely on emails from Hillary Clinton.

You’d think with the exception of a lot of Hunter Hastings and a few Democrat signs, with all the Republican signs on every corner, one coming into Delaware from the south would think Delaware was a Blue State. The leadership in Sussex County has failed by not filling their slots to give people a chance to voice their opinions.

You never know what can happen when you fill an empty seat against a shoo in opponent. Case in point in the 3rd Councilmatic district, a Democrat could now be a choice in a 3-way race, or disgruntled Republicans might have endorsed the Democrat.

Hope you have voted or will do so Tuesday.

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