Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is probably the most popular Christmas song and TV story with a positive ending, but if the “Me Too” policies were in effect when Western cowboy Gene Autry introduced his song, today Santa would have to resign in disgrace.

Let me explain. Rudolph was born with a physical defect, a bright red shinny nose. Because of that he didn’t have any friends. Remember fellow reindeer wouldn’t play any reindeer games with him, they laughed at him. He was ignored by all including his parents and particularly Santa Claus.

I think today that is called verbal abuse. In later years he ran away to an island of misfits like himself. After a brief period of isolation from his family he decided to return to his home.

As the story goes this particular Christmas Eve a heavy fog set in and if the fog didn’t clear Santa would have to postpone Christmas. Panic broke out in Santa land, what to do?

Then suddenly a flashing red light appeared. It was Rudolph’s red nose blinking. Santa took a quick look, and a light bulb went off in his head; “Rudolph with your nose so bright you could guide my sleigh tonight,” said Santa.

Suddenly Rudolph jumped to number one on Santa’s popularity list which also moved him to number one celebrity in the neighborhood, for Rudolph was going to save Christmas for all the children in the world.

Frankly Speaking I would have told Santa to take his sleigh and reindeer and shove it, but Rudy was a team player and was a true trooper willing to put all his abuse and pain behind and save Christmas.

My point of my story is this: isn’t this still true today? Kids being made fun because they aren’t wearing designer clothes. That’s the reason many schools are going to uniforms. If a person has a physical defect people tend to shy away from them, or make fun of their physical issues. If you are lucky enough to raise a kid who is a genius, (nerd) they get hassled by idiots.

And, now their is such a disparity in wealth in this country that their is them and us. God forbid if you are homeless, help, not enough, comes from local churches, private individuals, not much from greedy large corporations. Our local chicken industry is the only large groups I see making any kind of effort to provide some relief to the poor, hungry, and homeless.

Folks, as our president elect spoke eloquently Monday evening stating, “This is America, we are all Americans, Republican, Democrat, or Independent”. His message was intended to heal the wounds which have split this country, to unite Americans.

All colors of Americans, white, black, or brown, the foreigners in our country, immigrants, those with mental illness, physical defects all bleed red. We all have our imperfections and I am sure during our lifetime we have said or done something we were sorry for.

This is the Christmas season, the season and the reason for giving. Their are a lot of Rudolph’s out there, kind, passionate, in need of love and attention.

This has been a trying year for all Americans, and people throughout the world. Millions are doing without many of the things in life we have taken for granted.

If you have survived the year with some relevance of good health, have a job or good income, roof over your head and food on the table, look out your window of you neighbor who may not have done as well as you and their family is suffering, reach out to them and at least make sure they have a good Christmas.

Food Banks are being overwhelmed, donate goods or money, even time to help distribute or stock their pantry’s.

Who knows, that someone could be you someday. Remember Rudolph.

Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.

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