As a father of five, while my children were of the I Believe in Santa Claus age, I enjoyed Christmas as much as they did.

Santa usually made a house visit prior to Christmas, and I would always give him a few tidbits about the kids behavior before he entered the house.

My favorite was to ask him to look at our ceiling vents for his hidden cameras. I had told the kids of the hidden cameras but I don’t think they were convinced. Angie and Dominic were my favorite targets for this visit. Santa walks in the house, instantly looks up to the ceiling and says, “Just checking my cameras to see if they are working.”

Brother and sister look at each other as if to say, “Busted”. The look on their faces were priceless, still etched in my mind as if it occurred today.

Dominic like many kids his age liked to jump on our sofa in spite of many verbal pleas. On this same occasion Santa told him he needed to listen to dad and stop jumping on the couch. Again the two siblings looked at each other in disbelief.

Then their was the year Lisa, disappointed she didn’t receive the bicycle she wanted found it in the garage when we sent her to the freezer to fetch something. She came out of the garage screaming with joy. And other toys and games we hid in closets we would send the kids to find something for us.

The year Lisa was living in California with her daughter and I arranged for her to fly home for Christmas as a surprise to her mom. Son Chris and I drove to BWI to pick them up only to find their baggage was lost including the one special gift her daughter wanted.

The employees at BWI upon hearing of the loss, got together and purchased that special gift and others, AND delivered it to our house THAT evening.

And yes, mom was surprised to see the two covered in blankets in the back of the station wagon.

Yes, many pleasant memories, WOW where did the time go?

Enjoy your family and memories while you can. They will comfort you in your senior years.

Merry Christmas; stay safe.

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