As we are wrapping up 2020what can I say except good riddance. I hope we never see another year like this one.

We suffered through the COVID VIRUS since January of this year. It took our government, or rather the president to realize it was the real thing by late March which put this country behind the 8-ball since other countries hopped on the bandwagon as soon as it hit their country.

Hospitals were short of supplies for the onslaught, no ventilators to care for the sick, no direction from the Federal Government, or should I say not from the president who consistently confronted his medical advisors.

As a result the U.S. numbers are reaching 350,000 deaths and 19 million hospitalized, with record numbers being recorded each day, expected to continue after the Christmas numbers come in.

The virus has wrecked the economy of our country, peoples lives, which will take years to overcome. People who have spent years building a business only to see their livelihood go down the drain. How many will lose their homes, be evicted for not paying rent, have difficulty finding a job?

Those who have their health, a roof over their head, able to put food on the table, have a job or retired with good pensions, are blessed.

And to our children of school age who are being cheated out of a good education they will never recoup, and the seniors in school who will miss out on the best year of their life, I feel sorry.

This was also a year of unrest in this country. The rein of white supremacy which seemed to be ignored by our President. And in his final days he has abandoned his country acting like a sore loser, contesting an election he protested by provided no evidence of fraud and threatening to hold up relief package he preferred not to participate in the drafting of the bill.

The only good thing that was a God send for the country, is Trump will be gone January 20, 2021 which should make next year a better year.

I will be doing a column soon why I believe Joe Biden will be a good leader for this country. Some will agree, but as his term goes on people will see a difference how a president should act.

And finally I thank the readers of my BLOG for following me this year. I did not write as often as I would have liked. Truthfully, I was depressed, afraid of catching the virus, sadden by watching the news seeing the number of new cases of the virus, people losing their businesses, jobs, homes. Just too much for this ole boy to handle.

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