Joe Biden was elected by a slim margin as Delaware’s US Senator, over popular Caleb Boggs in 1972.

Five years into his first term, 1977, Joe Conaway who was Sussex County Council Administrator had an interest in running for Congress. I had just been elected Sussex County Democrat Chair. Joe thought the senator could give him some insight for fund raising. Joes wife Joanne rode with us.

We met in the senators Wilmington office.

Most of the conversation was dominated by the young senator, and I’m not sure if we received any information on fund raising. Biden was just interesting to hear speak.

Just before our meeting terminated out of the sky Biden stated, “Someday I’m going to be President of the United States. I looked at Conaway, he looked at me, neither of us said a word.

Joe was driving home, and after we hit the outskirts of Wilmington, I broke the silence with, “Did you hear what I heard”. Conaway agreed. I have no idea how the conversation continued after that. We were still numb.

Well, Conaway decided not to seek office, and Biden’s ride to the White House has taken many detours to achieve his goal. But he stuck by his dreams. I heard a person tonight who wrote a book about Biden that even in school on some essays he would write about being president.

He is an inspiration to many of us who have failed in life, not to give up your dream. He certainly is a model for one who has fallen on his face, had to overcome tragedy.

I am glad people are getting to see the Joe Biden I know by the many documentaries now being shown about his life. As much as I would write about the passionate side of Joe, the many who did not know about him scorned him as liberal, socialist, communist, the regular name calling.

I lost my writing job because of my support of Joe and not of Trump, but I feel vindicated, very happy, and thankful to America for choosing Joe as their next president.

Tomorrow will be an emotional day for Joe, and myself. I feel at times I traveled that road to the WH with him. I wish I could be there tomorrow; we both waited 50 years for this day. Many times I thought he was down for the count, but he got up, started over and was a stronger person each time he got up.

God, please protect Joe and his family. He’s a good person.


  1. Frank, I have thought of you many times since President Elect Biden, at this moment, won. I know you would give anything to be at the Capitol tomorrow. But he knows you will be, right by his side…
    Remember when you got him to speak at our sons graduation? What a great memory…..

  2. Thanks, I had many emotional moments yesterday. The end of a long journey for Joe. I also had him speak at Natalia’s graduation. He loved speaking to schools that weren’t consolidated. He thought it was cool we had a small graduating class and everyone knew each other. I really believe if anyone can bring this country together it is Joe.

    • White House Confirms Illegal Aliens Who are Convicted of DUI, Rape and Drug-Related Crimes Will NOT be Deported (VIDEO)

      Your right people waking up realizing the person that raped them isn’t going to be deported or the duo that took a live one or sold the drugs to young kids can stay. Why not he restored funding for abortion not just here but other countries. As President Biden said before. a President who has to use executive orders is like a dictator.

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