Six Sussex County Delaware Republican senators refused last week to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris for winning the 2020 election.

Lawmakers last week voted on two Democratic resolutions, which essentially serve as a formal statement without any legal or material consequence, to congratulate the state’s former U.S. senator and his running mate on achieving the highest office in the country. Six of the 7 Republican senators voted against the resolutions. Instead of trying to unite the two parties this is driving a wedge wider.

For a party trying to rebound from their worse election loss in years, losing all state-wide and federal offices, plus two senate seats, this action doesn’t exactly excite their base. Many Republicans in Delaware have spoken to me of their disappointment in some of the quality of their ticket and the embarrassment of recent developments in Washington, DC.

Some say the senators are voting the wishes of their constituents: 6 of the 7 Election Districts in Sussex supported Trump, one did not, represented by Republican Ernie Lopez who voted with Democrats in support of the resolution. The argument here they are supporting their majority.

Really, aren’t elected officials sworn to represent ALL of their CONSTITUENTS? When is the Republican Party going to stand up and grow a pair? Being ignorant, abusing power, disrespect by their leader the past 4 years hasn’t helped their cause, why not trying to be kind, tolerant of others regardless of their political differences?

What’s happened to the Christian values the conservatives preach. Somewhere in their principles must be the words, honor, forgive, love thy neighbor?

Although my ED in the 4/40 did not support the Republican ticket, straight Democrat for those who were contested, my senator, Republican Bryant Richardson voted with his members. What about me senator, are you going to ignore representing me because I am a Democrat?

Petty, pissy, shitty, disgraceful, childish, unprofessional, are just a few printable words I can think of. A slap in the face to a Delawarean we should be proud of regardless of politics.

I feel sorry for my friend Jane Brady State Republican chairlady. I know how strongly she believes in her party and being in her position is not an easy job. She is trying to rebuilt their creditability but each time she takes a step forward, something as this weakens her position.

If the Republican Party in Delaware is to rebound, and I hope it does because I believe in a good strong two-party system, it must rid itself of hatred and racism, both which strongly exist in the southern two counties of our beloved state.


  1. I was raised in Delaware and went to an integrated high school in Sussex county . I was a bit taken aback when I moved back to the state after being gone for 35 years to find the county still had racist citizens although some try to hide it. You are correct Frank when you say the
    party needs to rid itself of hatred and racism.

    • One question, and if the shoe was on the other foot?
      I am as embarrassed as anyone about the actions and words of our out going President. I am concerned about the fragility of our democracy.
      However, I see and hear AOC amongst others even after the election, and things like students and faculty at Harvard wanting to take degrees back.
      Come on Frank, be fair, there is a lot of lost courtesy on both sides. Let’s hope that Biden and Harris can heal the wounds and that we can remove the hate, distrust, fear, and lack of acceptance of everyone’s rights to speak.

  2. How sad that 6 Republicans can’t be big enough and patriotic enough to congratulate Joe Biden….our own Joe Biden! How petty and selfish of them. Richardson professes to be a Christian. How sad.

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