After Fact-checking Donald Trumps speech last evening, the headquarters at Politico burned to the ground. Appears checking Trumps speech their were too many Liar Liar, your pants are on fire findings about his speech.



The Liberal in me says it’s  ok to use my tax dollars to subsidize programs to help those in need and are suffering hard times.

I have been in favor of subsidizing farmers who suffer crop losses from draught, disease, or other events of nature. Farming is the back bone of this country and has been since day one. They feed us.

However, I am against Donald Trump authorizing $12 billion dollars to cover their losses because they are unable to sell their product abroad because of Trumps tariff increases to our foreign neighbors.

It’s a double whammy for tax payers. Our food is going to cost more at the stores, and our national debt will increase by adding the $12 billion subsidy.

Most of our farmers on Delmarva sell their corn and soybeans locally to feed mills, so few of them if any will be affected by Trumps tariffs. Our farmers production is a drop in the bucket compared to the large corporate farms in the mid=west where anything under 2000 acres in a small farmer.

That’s where the 12 billion will go to Trumps rich friends, the same friends he just give a huge tax beak to while giving the average working guy peanuts.

When I had my small business selling women’s apparel and shoes, when I fell into hard times due to recessions, bad weather, and had a large inventory left, their was no helping hand for me. I had to ‘eat ’em’ as the saying goes in retail.

Wealthy farmers in the Midwest supported Trump and his message, “Make America Great Again” which I thought we were doing quite well. So my message to the farmers in the Midwest who are stuck with their grain and beans; ‘Eat ’em’.


What do Mr. Trump and former first lady Nancy Reagan have in common? Both believe the answer to addiction is to just say “NO’.

She the answer to stopping teen pregnancy, Trump to the out break of Opioid use. Neither will work without money for enforcement and education.

Yesterday Trump proclaimed the Opioid crisis a public health emergency in response to the national opioid crisis. But he stopped short, very short, of declaring a national emergency as recommended by the commission he appointed.

Trumps answer was advice given to him by his dad; just say “NO” to booze and cigarettes when he was young. Easy to say when it comes to bad habits, but difficult to stop when your child gets their firs high.

 Declaring a national emergency would have opened the doors for significantly more new money for treatment, law enforcement, empowered public health officials to do things like negotiate lower prices with the Big Pharma for the overdose-reversing drug naloxone or waive insurance restrictions that delay treatment.

Opioid addiction is taking hundred of lives a day in this country along. States like WV and Ohio have been over taken by the epidemic.

Like most of Trumps policies he is just blowing smoke; no substance.



Historically after a mass shooting and the loss of lives, there are calls for stricter gun limits, especially from Presidents, especially Democratic ones or Congress, which sends those considering buying a gun rushing to purchase a weapon before any new laws can take effect.

Even the shares of gun companies shot up on Wall Street yesterday.

But have you noticed not a word about gun laws from this President?  Finally the NRA has a president in their pocket.

This killer had purchased over 100 rifles and had them modified to shoot bullets in succession instead of single shots. A person who hunts needs a good rifle, and a person who wants to protect their home needs a good gun. All other assult weapons belong to the military and law enforcement agencies.



I don’t  agree with the stance Colin Kaepernick took by not standing for the National Anthem, but barring him from playing football is nonsense. Their ae black football players who display a fist when the Anthem is played displaying their disgust with the way minorities are treated today.

Don’t even try to tell me minorities are on equal footing with us white people. Football team owners are cowards; they are concerned as all rich people are, the bottom line.

The Baltimore Ravens are interested in signing Kaepernick as a back up to Joe Flacco who has an injured back but they are interviewing current and former players on the topic, including retired linebacker Ray Lewis. Bull Shit, Ray Lewis!!

Isn’t he the guy who pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice with the stabbing deaths of two men in 2000, both deaths remaining unsolved. Give me a break.


Poor old Pete Rose, he can’t get a break, again by his own wrong doing. His Hall of Fame induction into the Phillies Hall of Fame scheduled for next week announced by the Philadelphia Phillies won’t happen because of recent events.

The “recent events” center on court testimony earlier this week from a Cincinnati woman, identified as “Jane Doe” filed a sworn statement in federal court stating she had a sexual relationship with Rose beginning in 1973, (44 years ago) when she was 14 or 15 years old. She said the relationship lasted several years.

Rose cannot be charged with statutory rape stemming from the allegations because the statute of limitations has expired.

Rose who was  given a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball, including the Hall of Fame for gambling on Major League games and his own team while managing for which at first he denied then years later admitted.

His excuse for the rape was he thought the gal was 16 which was the legal age in Ohio.



Poor battered Attorney General Jeff Sessions who after a week of verbal insults by his boss the Make American Hate Again president must be thinking; “With friends like Trump, who needs enemies”. I give him credit for biting his tongue instead of lashing out at his boss.

Trump expects loyalty, but gives none in exchange. When Trump was at the bottom of the polls in the primaries, Sessions was the first and I believe the only U.S. Senator to endorse the jerk. Trumps campaign then took off with many southern governors endorsing him. Now the kick in the ass as thanks.

Sessions was not my choice for AG, not because of his political party, but as his positions on civil rights and segregation, but he was my AG and I had hopes he would pull a reversal on his positions as Lyndon Johnson did when he was elected president and had to represent all Americans not just his state.

Johnson’s new position cost the Democrats the hold on the southern states, but to me it was worth it. Now that they have power, the Republicans from those states are trying to reverse the civil rights movement and revert to the 60’s. Good old GOP, always looking forward.