After the last two weeks of racists remarks by our president, their should be no doubt he is a racist.

Slamming four female minority Congress women for a week, even going as far as to tell one to go home where she came from. She has been an American citizen longer than the presidents wife.

Later in the week he called 30 year Congressman Elijah Cummings racist and condemned the job he was doing representing the city of Baltimore saying it was dirty and rat infested and accused him of misuse of Federal funds.

During my late wife’s illness we traveled to Johns Hopkins and University of MD hospitals. We stayed overnight, sometimes for weeks in hotels.

Yes, we were told not to venture out at night, a problem you will find in many inner cities.

Today Trump is boasting how many calls he has received complimenting him on his comments about Baltimore and Rep. Cummings. Ass Kissers.

Rep. Cummings marched with Rev. King, was attacked by a mob during a silent marching protest.

Trumps son-in-law owns apartments and other real estate holdings in Baltimore. I wonder how many of his units are rat infested? I wonder if a check of public records will show the number of violations Kushner has?

Trump is out of control. He doesn’t need to be impeached, he will eventually hand himself.


Horray for New Castle Co. for publishing the names of people and companies who are behind in their property takes.

Even before the names were published, work got out, and several paid before the names were released.

Sussex County does post delinquent names on their web site, but that doesn’t work. When the names are published in the newspaper it works best. If you know your neighbor knows you are a dead beat, well it works.

The next step is to take delinquents to court. School districts are owed millions in Sussex County, money they desperately need without burdening those who pay their fair share of taxes.

The county’s offer payment schedules for those having difficulty paying their taxes. I can accept some people go through difficult times, but the bulk of back taxes ae from those large companies who can afford to pay.


</100 degree days are becoming the norm this summer. If you are among the minority and don't believe climate change is here, the filter between you and the sum is disappearing, it's not going to get any better.

I use to sit on the beach with no sun tan lotion, in the sun all day. Loved the beach. Now I have a ton on lotion on me, and within 15 minutes, I am done like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Trump is a fool to think he is smarter than the hundreds of scientist around the world who are trying to fight climate change with alternatives earth saving methods.

This not fake news people. It's happening.


Immigrants so desperate to come to America are in many cases victims of perople promising freedom for large sums of money.
As President Trump declared January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness month, human trafficking is rocketing out of site.

Strict immigration policies make immigrants an easy target for human traffickers to exploit their victims. Detention centers, family separation, and threat of ICS raids make it easier to entrap the vulnerable.

I don’t mean paying $500 for a one way ticket, no thousands. They make false promises of jobs in the US. Deceived and desperate, vulnerable people place their trust in a person promising security and stability, only to find the horror that awaits them when they cross the border. NO refunds.

Our country needs humane immigration policies that help eliminate human trafficking, not encourage it.


Their have been many visits by president Trump and most recently VP Pence to check on the conditions at border detention centers.

Both have returned from those visits stating how wonderful conditions are.

Out of the hundreds of detention centers, do you really think the guides are really taking our two leaders to the worst of the worse?

A recent visit by members of Congress including Delaware’s two US Senators, Chris Coons and Tom Carper.

Coons reported, “Conditional are getting less bad as supplemental appropriations provides funding for more facilities and supplies, but we should not be mistaken: For our country to have children and families in detention under the circumstances I saw in McAllen is unacceptable,” he said.

He said individuals were being provided water that was so heavily chlorinated as to be barely drinkable, many detainees were not told where their family members are; and instructions provided to migrants on when and where to appear for immigration hearings were solely in English and lacking specific dates, describing one site as “a dog kennel.”

I don’t care what your position is on immigrants, many of these people coming in legally asking for asylum, but this country treats prisoners accused of murder better than we are treating these immigrants.


Kent and Sussex County are mulling options for raising the lodging tax in addition to an 8 percent state public accommodations tax on rent for occupancy of rooms in hotels, motels or tourist homes in Delaware.

Local residents pay taxes to the state, county, and those living in municipalities to support infrastructure, police protection,trash removal, building code enforcement and other government needs.

Tourist pay a flat 8%,visit, do their thing, and return home. Five percent of the 8% goes to the state’s general fund with 1 percent designated to the state Department of Natural Resource and Environmental Control’s Beach preservation Program, 1 percent to the Delaware Tourism Office and the other 1 percent designated in the proportion in which collected to the duly established convention and visitor’s bureau in each county.

An additional tax could generate more than $1 million earmarked for specified projects in Sussex County. The bill specifies how the county’s may spend the money they generate by the new tax: from beach nourishment to flood control projects.

Projects which should be paid for by tourists.


If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

Robert Mueller looks like a Republican, walks like one, and you can bet he’s a Republican.

Wednesday,tomorow, Special Counsel Robert Mueller will testify before House members. Don’t expect him to say anymore than we already know. He will not throw the president under the bus.

Question all they want Democrat questions will be answered by short answers including Mueller using the latest message from the Justice Department to stick to the 40 page script.

Republicans will be lobbing soft ball questions. A waste of time and taxpayers money.