I admit I’m not the brightest bulb in the box but throughout my career owing a business, and almost two decades in local, county and state government, I have learned a lot by listening to the advice of people smarter than me.

Their is nothing wrong with asking for advice, then making a decision. That’s why it is smart to surround yourself with smart people.

I have learned more recently as I age, to listen to my medical team of doctors, and carefully follow their advice, never missing taking my medication and watching my diet. 

I rate my medical professionals just that, professional, a master in their field.

I wish our president would do the same with his medical advisors instead of misleading and upset the citizens of this country.  Unfortunately, Trump has his group of cult followers believing everything he says, even to drinking disinfectants because he said they would kill the current virus epidemic. 

They say you can’t fix stupid. I am starting to believe that. 

Trump has stopped having his daily press conferences because I think he was finally convinced the conferences were hurting his poll numbers, because “his” facts were being corrected by his own medical staff and fact checked by the media which he labels “fake news” because the media corrects him. 

Wednesday he chastised the leading medical scientist in the country, his own medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci for playing both sides, not doing his job. 

Watching the press conferences, you can see Trumps medical team dismay at his comments. If they speak out they are fired. Trump knows more than anyone, and although this outbreak can’t be blamed on Trump, his handling or mishandling of the virus had led to many unnecessary deaths. 

His refusal tout the virus as a fluke, passing within the month, or when the weather turns warmer it would go away, lost valuable time allowing the virus to spread rapidly, not have the necessary supplies to thwart the spread of this deadly virus.

His leadership leaves a lot to be desired: refusing to wear a mask when medical leaders have said it will help in the spreading of germs, staying away from crowds, including several WW11 soldiers  speaking to them too close for comfort, saying the wind was blowing away from them.

He certainly qualifies for not being the brightest bulb in the box. 


If you think your “Temporary” layoff is just around the corner, you may be one of many where that layoff may be permanent. 

Many owners of small chains restaurants, and other small restaurants and businesses are reevaluating their former claims that once the viral outbreak had subsided, their companies planned to recall all its laid-off workers. 

Now these businesses have cut back estimates as reopening hasn’t caused the business ‘boom’ many has predicted. 

Call it realism or pessimism, but more employees are coming to a reluctant conclusion: Many of the employees they’re had to lay off in the face of the pandemic might not be returning to their old jobs anytime soon. 

Some of the larger companies won’t likely survive at all despite aid provided by the federal government. 

If so, that would undercut a glimmer of hope in the brutal April jobs report the government issued last Friday, in which a record shattering 20.5 million people lost jobs. A sizable majority of the jobless-nearly by 80%-characterized their loss as only temporary. 

In some of the larger states, Texas as an example, has restrictions on the amount of customers allowed in their restaurants as a compromise for opening. The percentage is so small to a number of larger restaurants which Texas is noted for, is not enough patrons to make a profit. The success to a restaurant is to turn over a number of tables to be profitable. 

Frankly Speaking I believe companies are using this pandemic to ‘weed out’ the slackers in their work force instead of having to ‘fire them’.

And as many larger corporations have done over the past decade is to hire less and put more on those who want to stay employed earning more profits for the corporations. 



Yep, I can tell you when the Coronavirus pandemic will end based on past experience.

When I had my shoe store, the second wave of popularity for girls saddle, white and black with red soles shoes came back in demand, (the first wave was in the ’50’s), it was almost impossible to keep an inventory. 

For each reorder, no matter how large, I was lucky to receive one or two pairs, usually not in popular sizes. 

So, later during this fad, tired of getting nothing, I put in an order for 100 pair, figuring maybe I’d get a dozen pair or so. By golly, I was able to receive that entire order. I was elated, but later sorry I received that order. 

The fad for those saddle shoes had dropped overnight like hail from the sky. It took me over a year to rid my inventory of those shoes even when I put them on sale. 

Either every young girl in America had purchased those shoes, or the fad had ended. 

So I figure when my bride can go into any store and purchase all the toilet paper and paper towels, hand sanitizers, pasta or whatever, the worst of the virus is over, everyone has what they thought they needed….until the snow comes. 


When Sherman Tribbitt was governor of Delaware after serving a term as Lt. Governor, I asked him one day in his office while sitting behind the Governors desk,  instead of being behind the other side of the desk as Lt. Governor was much different. 

His answer: “You don’t have a chance to second guess your decision.” I wondered this week if Governor Carney who served as Lt. Governor from 2001-2009 had those same thoughts. 

Over the past several months Governor Carney has had to make decisions affecting the health and welfare of his citizens, and those affecting the personal, financial, and business welfare of others. 

I have known the governor since he was the Finance Director under Governor Tribbitt, I know him to be compassionate, willing to compromise, listens to everyone, and makes his decision based on facts, and compassion. 

I feel the public, being on the outside, not knowing the studies he has read, the pressure he has had from Republican legislators, and the marches to reopen businesses, and the risks for a second outbreak which the medical and scientific professionals say could be worse than the first COVD-19 has not been fair to our Governor. 

Unlike our president who refuses to accept advice from his medical team, CCD Task Force, instead deciding lives, especially seniors don’t matter, cares more about the status of the stock market and his re-election, we have a Governor who considers the dilemma of all of his citizens. 

So, the Governor is beginning to open small businesses with limits, and he is still receiving grumbling from those still facing restrictions. He is acting conservatively giving a little at a time. Isn’t that what Republicans stand for; bring Conservative?

Governor Carney has been sticking with his program, not flip flopping every day like our president. Let’s cut him some slack. 

Yes, we will get through this together, but let us allow those in charge, who are following this epidemic every day, let’s cut them some slack. 




April 24, 2020
Trump in the Oval Office

Al Drago/Pool/Getty Images

Everyone confined to home during the COVID-19 pandemic deals with the angst, inconvenience, and boredom differently. President Trump, though not like any other American in most regards, begins and ends his day in front of the TV, arriving in the Oval Office as late as noon and “usually in a sour mood after his morning marathon of television,” Katie Rogers and Annie Karni report at The New York Times, piecing together the president’s “strange new life” through interviews with more than a dozen administration officials and close advisers.

By the time he arrives at work, Trump “has been up in the White House master bedroom as early as 5 a.m. watching Fox News, then CNN, with a dollop of MSNBC thrown in for rage viewing,” the Times reports. “The president sees few allies no matter which channel he clicks. He is angry even with Fox, an old security blanket, for not portraying him as he would like to be seen.”

Trump calls advisers with the TV on, stews about internal polls showing him losing support in some swing states, sits through his intelligence briefing, and gets tested for COVID-19 once a week, the Times reports. “But the president’s primary focus, advisers said, is assessing how his performance on the virus is measured in the news media, and the extent to which history will blame him.” White House spokesman Hogan Gidley told the Times that Trump’s “highest priority is the health and safety of the American people,” not his news coverage.

It isn’t all grim. Trump looks forward to his 90-minute-plus press briefings every evening, viewing them “as prime-time shows that are the best substitute for the rallies he can no longer attend but craves,” Rogers and Karni report. And if he doesn’t work too late, Trump “occasionally has dinner with his wife, Melania Trump, and their son, Barron.” Read more about the president’s lockdown schedule at The New York Times. Peter Weber


With Trump and Republicans urging state Governors to reopen their doors to stimulate the economy, unfortunately they think the flip of a switch will bring the economy to earlier records. NOT!

Trump is encouraging reopening of businesses, encouraging rallies for that purpose, then giving GA Republican governor hell for doing do. I can’t figure his flip flopping. 

Recovery from this downward trend is worse than the Great Recession under Jr. Bush; the Great Depression, I can’t say, not old enough to remember, but I bet it’s darn close. Instead of soup lines we have organizations providing meals and groceries. 

Banks haven’t closed, as long as the FEDS keep printing money they won’t. Many businesses will not reopen because they are broke, or they didn’t qualify for a small interest loan, and the businesses that do open will not hire everyone back at once because the number of people working before the virus will not be the same.

Those called back will be further in debt than they were before, so spending for luxuries, dinning out, new vehicle, vacation, etc. will be out of the picture. And, the longer people are out of work, debt mounts and it will take longer for them to get back on their feet.   

Some unemployed and lucky enough to have some savings are eating into that pot, most are not that fortunate. Billions of dollars have been lost in the stock market, seniors who are dependent upon dividends for much needed income. 

A relaxed penalty for drawing money from your IRA now allows some money to be withdrawn without paying a penalty, still that is money people especially seniors and soon to be retirees didn’t count on losing. 

This week we will see several states allowing the opening of tattoo parlors, open beaches hair salons, restaurants, churches and other places of worship as a few states, mostly southern states governed by Republican governors ease their restrictions while gambling on a second wave.

Delaware’s governor, John Carney has joined with other regional states, PA, NJ, and NY to plan a unified approach and much more conservative toward any reopening. 

He has resisted calls to reopen immediately, stating he process will be governed by date and will put public health first. Thank you governor. 

“We won’t turn the lights back on or move the dimmer switch up a day too soon or a day too late, but we will err on the side of making sure that people are safe and secure, making sure that we’re following the science, that we have the tools we need to test, to isolate and to track,” said the governor.

For the past few years many economists have predicted this country had not fully recovered from the Great Recession and another recession could set this country back years before recovering.

Well I think that time has arrived. 



I know this country is divided politically, but usually during a crisis, a war, or in this case the COVID-19 virus, this country usually will come together. But, in the case of the current virus, I find this country still divided along party lines. For the life of me I don’t understand why. 

Questions and comments from Republicans are like, is the virus overblown, a hoax, or from Democrats, is it a potential world altering threat for which we must drastically change our lives?

I can even understand the wanting to open the doors to businesses now appeals to Republicans.  With the Election less than 200 days away, the White House and Republican members of Congress, Governors, state legislators, mayors know if this deep recessions continues, large numbers inemployed, stock market not rebounding their is a good chance the Republicanns could lose it all.

In my 60 plus years of following the history of elections I have found, and the history books pretty much back my statement: when pockets are filled with change, (sound economy, good stock market, good employment), Republicans win elections, when pockets are empty, (Recessions, Depression, high unemployment) Democrats win. If the economy were to respond by November, and it won’t not fully, look for a Democrat landslide.  

I have been amazed following FB the number of Republicans who believe this virus which has killed over 50.000 Americans is a hoax, and denied some of the inaccurate remarks made by Trump, especially the most recent about the ultra rays into the body, and injecting Lysol and other disinfectents into the body to cure the virus. Most I have regarded as intelligent individuals. 

A Pew research Center survey from March said 39% of Republicans thought people were overreacting to the virus, compared to 25% of Democrats. A Quinnipiac Uninversity national poll released earlier this month reported 85% of Democrats expect the crisis to get worse, while 55% Republicans said the same. A U of D poll found a similar divide between the two parties. 

The same division can be seen regarding climatge change. An Oct 2019 survey from Pew reported 54% of American adults believe policies aimed at redducing the effects of climae change are helpful, as recently evidenced by the reduced polution and increased air quality since the shut down in several cities. But while 71% of Democrats feel this way, only 34 percent of Republicans do.

Location plays a vital role in partisan differences; Democrats are more likely to live in the dense, urban areas hardest hit by the crisis, and to be subject to policy restrictions, in other words, to face stronger indivdual incentives for social disdtancing. 

Rural areas usually find more Republicans where they see less social distancing.  Like their president, Republicans became more concerned about COVD-19 in mid-March, around the time the president and some of his allies began painting it as a major threat. Trump had flip-flopped on the virus, stating in February it would disappear “like a miracle” before saying a few weeks later he “felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.”

And yet people follow this guy like he is the chosen one. Lysol had to put out a posting after Trump had encouraged the disinfectant theory, and people were calling in to see it if was ok to use. 

I’ve scratched my head so much over Trump I don’t have any nails left.  Go figure. 



Usually when our doctors recommend to you advice to enhance your health and to provide longevity in life, if you have an ounce of brain left, you would take his advice, if not I would say you are stupid. 

When you don’t take the advice of two renown doctors in the country who are constantly telling you to stay home to prevent the continued outbreak of the Coronavirus, and if you don’t it is a risk,  and your president ignores their warnings, and encourages people to openly protest the current closing and safety standards to force openings of businesses, schools, all places of public gatherings.

What would you call this president, unless you are a Trump supporter without common sense or regard for the safety of others? Stupid is the first word that comes to my mind. 

This president has no regard for human life, sacrificing his following to slaughter for his financial gain and ego. His attempt to encourage demonstrations shows his lack of respect and regard to safety for our first responders who risk their lives every day to guard our health and safety. 

He doesn’t care about those who are in the medical field, police work, firefighters, etc who have lost their lives in saving others. Think of the nurses and doctors who can’t go home to their families, hug their loved ones because of the shortage of healthcare employees, and the high volume of patients who are overloading the hospitals. 

Still he wants to encourage states to open for business as if nothing has happened, will continue: he and a handful of his southern governors are willing to follow his lead. Crazy people. 

FACT: his daily fireside chat ratings have plummeted, because after he says a mouthful of lies, his two doctors say the opposite. You can see the frown of hate going though his head. My how they must have to bite their tongue as they attempt to soften what the president has misrepresented while VP Pence doesn’t bat an eye and the dark haired lady nods in agreement like a bobble head doll. 

His ego is tarnished, he needs to get back out to his cult followers to hear the roar of the crown to his bashing of others, and to proclaim himself the King of Kings. Whether or not after his failure to lead this country through this epidemic although he thinks he has scored a “10” on his performance. 

Because he failed to put all of his holdings in a Blind Trust like other presidents have, to which his followers proclaim his Constitutional Right, he knows what his stocks and business interests are doing daily like the rest of us. While the average John Doe may be losing hundreds maybe thousands a day, in the current stock market he is losing Millions, and his golf courses, country clubs, and hotels are losing millions weekly because of the shut downs.

The poor businessman that he is, I imagine his line of credit is maxed out, and he is in debt up to his butt. He is hurting financially about now as are the mom and pop businesses.

While his sympathy is aimed at the survival of the small business, industry and jobs for the working class, don’t be fooled it’s all about Trump and always has been and will continue.  

He knows this is an election year, and people will vote their pocket book. Economist are all ready predicting a huge recession that will take years to recover, including the record unemployment rate, the falling stock market, all which leads to people losing their jobs, and businesses that operate on a slim margin will be closing. 

Trump knows these practices will kill his chance for re-election. 

I understand all of this. As a former small business owner, if operating today I would be out of business, closing my doors for good. I was a marginal operator, a shoe repairman, whose volume was declining because of foreign imports, and people changing from hard sole shoes to casual wear, tennis shoes, etc. And if I had to go without a paycheck for weeks, leading into months, I would probably panic. 

I was truly a mom and pop business living month to month, hoping for a good Christmas season to net a small profit. I cringe thinking what businesses will face with the decision of reopening or not and why not follow the president and push for reopening of services regardless the risk of: restarting the epidemic and risk thousands of deaths. A toss up but I think I would rather risk my business versus lives.

Trump has no passion for others, just his own ego. Lives don’t matter, he has illustrated that many times. Money means everything to him as well as his family. Making money off the backs of others.

His election resulted on the backs of the working class, many Democrats, and he has screwed over all of you who think he cares for you. The reduction in Medicare services, reduction of the school lunch programs, the huge tax cut for the rich, the record deficit, (two trillion and rising from someone who promised to balance the budget), and yes although some of you argue socialism, those programs are still available should you ever need them, for now. 

Never one to take blame, it’s everyone else fault, diversion for Trump is the name of the game, blame others to take the pressure for his failure to lead. 

Now the blame game is on the governors. Of course he’s trying to blame Democrat Governors, but Republicans have rallied against the president blaming lack of government cooperation on the Trump admiration for not formulating a plan of action, and not being able to deliver much needed medical supplies. 

Even to as much as bidding against states for supplies causing a shortage to states and bumping up the cost by the bidding. 

Maryland Republican Governor, chair of the Governors group, certainly not an advocate of Trumps leadership in this area, by passed the problem by using the influence of his S. Korean wife, getting 500,000 test kits from S. Korea for his state. He stated, “We’ve been doing everything in our power” as his administration searched for weeks in the United States and abroad for more kits, which are in critically short supply. 

Trump keeps telling people test kits are available to all Americans; they have tested 40 million people; How many millions of people are their in this country who haven’t been tested?

In Delaware Trumps re-election chairman Rob Arlett is leading his small band of Trump supporters to open Delaware. He proudly wears Trumps banner, not realizing if their was a snow balls chance in Hell of Trump carrying Delaware, people from upstate would be clamoring for that title. But with a 4-1 Democrat registration in NCCo, by far out numbering the Republican registration in Kent and Sussex, their are no takers. 

Until the we should wait out this epidemic, not gamble whether or not opening up the country will not cause a further spread. 

Latest news tonight: the coronavirus could repeat itself this winter causing more out breaks than the one we are now encountering. 

And remember: you can’t fix stupid.