I couldn’t believe the photo of the number of cars lined up in the parking lot at Dover Downs yesterday to pick up free food distributed by volunteers. The parking lot was filled bumper to bumper rows and rows wide.

I also can’t believe that many people couldn’t find or afford food needed to survive during this medical crisis. Many in those lines are scammers taking advantage of good people wanting to help. 

I have heard over the years for Christmas and other chairitable Scan0045 groups a lot of people travel from place to place to pick up free items. Many who are in dire need of help, are either too proud to ask or don’t have transportation to pick up these goods. 

These people who abuse the system should be ashamed of their tactics and also ashamed they may be causing some needed families of getting food. 


Airlines hard hit by the coronaviurs sare begging for a bailout and Trump is proposing a $50 billion of emergencyh aid for airlines.

But wait a minute, what happened to the 96% of available cash they have accumulated over the past 10 years?

They used the cash on buy backs of stock during that time. Their plight highlights an ongoing controversy over how many companies spent their Trump tax cuts that was supposed to go to the workers in the form of pay raises, creating new jobs, and purchasing new equipment. Instead they purchased back their stocks. 

But resistance to the plan has emerged among Democrats and even some Republicans. They’re concerned that extra money will go straight to share buy backs, as they have in the past. 

Trump and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t like the House version of their stimulus package which gives money to those out of work and other benefits for the working person. 

Typical Republican logic, give to the rich take away from the poor.



It’s a crying shame when people take advantage of other peoples misfortune circumstances, purchase the ecentials they need and when the demand exceeds supply they gouge people by charging outrageous prices.

It happens often during disasters especially hurricanes and tornados when vital emergencies often life and death services are needed. One  that always stick out are generators, chain saws and now medical supplies. 

People are dying daily from the Coronavirus who are finding selves empty from sanitizing items as simple as Clorox wipes, 6 containers of 75 wipes selling on Amazon for $22.41, from a 3rd party seller, $79.99.

Hand sanitizer Purell, 8 fl oz, 12 pack, from Amazon, $45.34, from 3rd party seller, $299.99.

Anti-gouging laws on the books are tricky to enforce when demand suddenly outstrips supply. Sometimes even defining a violation is difficult.

Often it’s a retailer price gouging. I would hope the public would remember that retailer and boycott the store.

I guess it’s the American way to earn a fast buck. The internet is filled with over the top prices on hard to find tennis shoes of famous athletes. All of this is fueled by panicked buyers wanting things right now.

It’s not free enterprise people…it’s WRONG.



Their are two things we have learned from the outbreak of the Coronavirus is, one the president bungled the response to its citizens, and two, we are very dependent upon China’s imports.

Store shelves are empty because China has shut down production of goods being shipped to the US because the virus outbreak started there. And Trump better watch his battle in the tariff war with China. His following is aplauding his tough stance, but statistics show Trump is treading on thin ice. 

Did you know China is the largest foreign holder of U.S. Treasury securities, some $1.3 trillion in direct ownership and at least another $250 billion of quasi-government paper? A lack of Chinese buying could turn the next Treasury auction into a rout. 

Ninety-seven percent of the following items come to the U.S. from China, clothes, shoes/tennis shoes, electric toasters, cooking appliances, plastic and non plastic flowers, video game consoles, umbellas with telescopes and 99% of electric blanks. 

America depends upon China because of a fundamental weakness in the structure of the U.S. economy, a profound and worrisome lack of domestic savings. 

On the virus side of the President refusing to acknowledge as nothing but “Fake news” and “the virus will probably go away when the weather gets warmer.”  In the meantime Americans are dying daily, more becoming affected, and the stock market and economy is going to drive the U.S. into another depression, far greater than Jr. Bush’s. 

Here are some of the greatest hits of the Trump administration’s bungled coronavirus responses—so far:

  1. Trump picked Vice President Mike Pence—well known for allowing an outbreak of HIV to rapidly spread in Indiana during his time as governor—to head the government’s coronavirus task force. As governor, Pence initially refused to allow clean-needle exchange programs, which experts argued were necessary to prevent further outbreaks of HIV. He also spearheaded funding cuts to Planned Parenthood, which led to the closing of the last HIV testing facility in a county at the center of the outbreak.
  2. Last month, in its 2021 budget, the Trump administration announced proposed cuts that would reduce CDC funding by 16 percent and slash $3 billion for global health programs.  
  3. In 2018, the National Security Council’s global pandemic director left his post abruptly; then his entire team was disbanded by former national security adviser John Bolton. The Trump administration has yet to refill any of those positions, leaving huge vulnerabilities in our global pandemic preparedness. 
  4. In press conferences and tweets, Trump has been downplaying the severity of the coronavirus. In remarks he made on February 26, he claimed that the number of cases was declining in the United States (the CDC says it’s highly likely it will continue to spread); he claimed that the fatality rate for coronavirus was lower than the flu (it isn’t), and a vaccine was coming quickly (the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says it will take at least a year).  
  5. Fewer than 500 people have been tested for the coronavirus in the United States, compared with 13,911 in the UK and 1,126 in the Ontario province of Canada alone as of March 2. Experts blame delays in rolling out the test on account of a faulty component in the original test, which has led to an inadequate supply of tests nationwide. As of Sunday, an unnamed HHS official told Politico that the defects had been resolved. That hasn’t been enough to prevent an HHS investigation into the delayed national response. 
  6. The CDC failed to update testing guidelines to include more people as the disease has spread globally. 
  7. The first instance of coronavirus contracted within the United States took four days to confirm after a delayed response for requests for disease testing from the CDC, according to medical staff at UC Davis Medical Center in California. They blamed the center’s narrow specifications for distributing coronavirus testing kits; the organization allegedly took days to approve the medical center’s request.
  8. Trump isn’t the only member of his administration spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. Last Tuesday, Trump’s National Economic Council director, Larry Kudlow, told CNBC “we have contained” the virus, despite CDC officials warning that the virus is likely to continue to spread. In a Meet the Press interview Sunday, Vice President and coronavirus head Mike Pence refused to refute Donald Trump Jr.’s claim that Democrats wanted the virus to spread and kill Americans. 
  9. In 2018, the Trump Administration cut 80 percent of CDC funding used to fight global pandemics. The funding support, which went to training local health professionals and bolstering emergency response across 49 countries, was reduced to just 10 nations. China wasn’t included in the revised list.
  10. Last October, the Trump Administration opted to discontinue a Bush-era program expanded under Obama—called “Predict”—that monitored the threat of animal-born diseases to humans, the possible origin point of the novel coronavirus. The program was behind the discovery of more than 1,000 viruses, including an Ebola strain.
  11. During a standoff last week on a tarmac in Japan, the State Department pushed to allow 14 coronavirus-infected Americans to board a pair of flights back to the United States. The CDC fought back back, arguing that bringing them back—especially considering the planes carried 300 other passengers who’d tested negative for the disease—would pose an unnecessary risk and more than double the number of infected in the country. In the end, the State Department got its way.
  12. According to a federal government whistleblower, Department of Health and Human Services personnel have been improperly tending to potentially infected Americans who were in Asia during the outbreak. The whistleblower alleged that the HHS workers, without proper training or protective equipment, operated alongside CDC personnel donned in hazmat suits when seeing patients, and potentially exposed themselves to infection. The whistleblower later indicated that they were unjustly reassigned as retribution for speaking out. 
  13. Without clearance from local health centers, federal health officials planned to fly coronavirus patients from a California air base to a FEMA facility on a decommissioned army base in Anniston, Alabama. The mayor of Anniston, “shocked by the lack of planning,” told HHS officials that the FEMA buildings lacked the medical capability to operate as a quarantine zone. On February 23, the administration dropped the plans. Costa Mesa, California, is also fighting federal plans to transport patients to the city.
  14. As the crisis unfolded last week, one-third of the coronavirus task force took time off to speak at the Conservative Political Action Convention. The list of CPAC attendees also on the task force included White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli, Larry Kudlow, director of the White House National Economic Council, HHS secretary Alex Azar, and national security adviser Robert O’Brien. Vice President Pence, who heads the task force, told CPAC attendees that the risk of infection “remains low.”
  15. Despite reassurances from Trump officials at CPAC and beyond that rumors of the coronavirus have been greatly exaggerated, Cuccinelli indicated during his CPAC speech that the US might tighten borders as a preventative public health measure, despite far fewer cases in Mexico and Canada, where two and 27 cases have been reported, respectively.
  16. Pence and his office have taken control of all public government statements on the coronavirus, which now go through his press secretary, Katie Miller. Because of this move, the CDC and the National Institutes of Health can no longer share their own research, and a Pence office stamp of approval is required to broadcast independent information.
  17. When a CDC–distributed coronavirus test kit incorrectly gave a negative result, an infected patient was allowed to leave a San Diego hospital. The patient, who was flown back to the US from China, rejoined the quarantine tank of repatriated citizens for an entire day, before being brought back to the hospital.
  18.  Monday Trump finally ‘fessed up’ the virus was the real thing and outlined what his administration’s plans were to combat the virus. 
  19.  Too little, too late?


For those who are having difficulty accepting our U.S. Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester recent acceptance as co-chair for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign for fear of her not being able to attend to her responsibilities as Delaware’s Representative in Congress, I say to you, you underestimate Lisa.

I have followed her career when she served Delaware as our Secretary of Labor under the Carper administration, later as State Personnel Director under Governor Minner. She upgraded the performance of both departments and believe me, left no stone unturned.

Since being elected to Congress in 2017 she has introduced or co-sponsored 100 bills, most legislators don’t do that in a lifetime of service. She has received respect from both sides of the aisle for her ability to work with her piers on both sides of the fence.

Anyone familiar with the offices of our elected officials knows the day to day operations of an office is run by a staff of people who answer phone calls, take care of constituents complaints sets up appointments, etc while the elected official does what they were sworn to. They don’t have time to answer every call or they wouldn’t accomplish anything.

Lisa has an office in each county, fully staffed with competent employees.

She holds the position of assistant whip for the House Leadership, a position not usually granted to a young and recently elected member. She is a bundle of energy.

Did I mention Lisa is the first woman and woman of color to be elected to the U.S House, that in itself a monumental feat.

Lisa is one who will be able to multitask her two positions without neglecting either of the two. She is one great lady and deserves the respect of all of us she proudly represents.

Rest assured, Delaware is well represented by Lisa. Biden is very selective regarding his choice of staff members. His choice of Lisa is one of his best selections.

I think instead of worrying about Lisa, we should focus on our concern about the fellow in the Oval Office in DC.


Well the fat lady is still singing but she is nearing the end of her song, as is Bernie Sanders with his campaign. The campaign is not about Joe Biden or Sanders, it has finally come down to who can defeat the worst president and most embarrassing this country has ever witnessed.

The voters made their point Super Tuesday as well as this Tuesday, coming out in record numbers to vote for Biden. Not only did he win big, he swept voting precents in some cases 100 percent of all districts. 

It’s a dramatic reversal of fortune for Biden, whose campaign appeared on the brink of collapse just two weeks ago after Sanders opened the nomination process with strong sowings in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, but Biden assured voters these states did not mirror the voters of the Democrat party. He was right.

What followed Super Tuesday’s avalanche bought Biden a slew of strong endorsements of former candidates who had dropped out after that night and has been pulling in more endorsements since, including two large gun groups this week. 

Biden is winning states Sanders four years ago won in a landslide over Clinton, now Biden is taking those larger states.  

Bidens votes were so strong the Associated Press called Biden the winner in several states the moment the polls closed Super Tuesday and this Tuesday. 

Still Sanders can’t see the writing on the wall, his ego is too large. It’s either, I, Sanders gets the nomination or no one gets it. 

Look for Sanders to play gutter politics at Sunday’s debate. He did it with Hillary Clinton when he fell behind in the delegate count, throwing untruths at her with vengeance. 

He is hanging on hope that the remaining large states such as FL and PA will be big wins for him. He might also might be trying to deny Biden an outright delegate win ahead of the Democratic National Convention this summer in Milwaukee. 

Giving credit where credit is due, Bernie has amassed a huge following in both years, he draws crowds equal to Trump and he has some good ideas but too liberal for the mainstream voters. Too far to the left.

To win any election with both parties almost equal in voter registration, the successful party must pull in voters from the other party, moderates and conservatives, a diversable field. Bernies following is from a lot of the younger generation, college students etc., not the group that takes time to vote.

Biden, on the other hand has proven in the last two primaries he can carry that diversified field, gaining a large majority of the black vote, middle age, browns, seniors, even some of the younger voters all thinking Biden can represent their interests better than Sanders. 

Sunday’s debate could end the primary.