Recently we asked our readers for story ideas, all to be kept confidentially, no names to be released by the requester.

One was a disturbing letter from a person who moved from TX to Delmar to be close to a family member. Finding that property values were higher in Delmar thanks to a strong school district, and people who work in Maryland, move to Delmar to avoid higher Maryland taxes.

The letter writer said property outside of Delmar were more reasonable, but everywhere this person looked, adjoining properties were either filled with trash, abandoned furniture, mattresses, or fallen down abandoned homes which does not enhance any neighboring properties.

I see this in my travels especially on the western side of Sussex County. Reminds me of traveling RT 13 into the Eastern Shore of VA, where you can see fallen homes/mobile homes, abandoned vehicles; trashy.

You see very little of this east of rt 113, why on this side of the county. The code enforcement office for Sussex County is not doing their job. I hear from people who call to complain, most times nothing gets done.

We have a large representation of elected officials from the western side of Sussex; 2 county councilman, one the president of the council, two state senators, and four state representatives who ride the roads every day.

I would think they would see the mess on the roads and their pride would in their representative areas would prompt them to see the law is followed for a cleaner Sussex County.

Our taxes pay for code enforcement, but we’re not getting our money’s worth.

By the way, my respondent ended purchasing a home in Salisbury.


Western Sussex Boys and Girls basketball teams are doing well in the Henlopen Conference South.

Woodbridge tops the boys teams with a 7-1 division record, 9-3 over all, followed by Seaford 6-1, 11-1 division; Laurel coming off a 8 game wining streak with an upset win over Woodbridge this week is 5-1 division and 10-2 over all. Delmar is 3-5 and 7-6 overall.

Woodbridge girls also lead their conference with a 7-0 division record, and 7-2 over all. Seaford is 3rd with a 7-1 division and 6-2 over all, followed by Laurel, 4-2, 8-3.

Delmar’s girls team is not faring well, winless 0-8 in their division, and 1-11 overall.


The following press release, update, is a joint statement from Dr. Shawn Larrimore, Superintendent Laurel High School District, and Greg Johnson, Board Chairperson, Sussex Military Academy:

Over the past six months, the SMA Board of Directors and the Laurel School District have worked collaboratively to explore all possible options associated with establishing a military academy in the Town of Laurel, one which would be accessible to all Sussex County high school students.

The initial option studies involved the proposed military academy being organizationally structured as a charter school-a publicly funded independent school system established b teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter contract with a state or local authority.

However, after much research and consideration, it was a collectively determined forming the proposed military academy as a charter school was not the most viable path forward.

The SMA Board of Directors and the Laurel School District agree the most advantageous option would be to explore the potential for developing a military magnet school which would be managed by-and a part of-The Laurel School District

A magnet school ins an extension of a currently existing school system and offers special instruction and programs not available elsewhere and dis designed to attract a diverse student body with shared interests.

The LSD will pursue the military magnet school option with the SMA Board of Directors acting as an advisory school in the endeavor.

The next step forward is the completion of a feasibility study to determine the viability and cost associated with restoring Laurel historic 1921 Building as the potential home of this shared vision.


YOU MUST REGISTER TO VOTE IN TOWN ELECTIONS. Many have the misconception if you are registered to vote in the state and Federal Elections, you are automatically registered to vote in Town elections. Not so.

As former Election Commissioner for Delaware, I attempted to pass legislation requiring all towns to abide by the state Election Code including adopting the states registration list.

Most of the states code was incorporated into legislation, but the part about registration was not. Towns seem to like a low voters list, the less voters easier for the incumbents to win re-election. Very little effort is put into getting people to register.

I think in the new law they are required to provide notice of registration dates, but the notices are small and no evening hours to accommodate the working people or Saturdays.

So, I advise you to call you local governments office to see if you are registered to vote. This year several towns will have elections. Be safe, not sorry you couldn’t express your civic duty.


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It’s that time of year again; the Delaware General Assembly wants to raise the minimum wage, and Republicans and conservatives, the same to me, begin boo-hooing about businesses closing their doors.

And the basis they usually use is poor McDonalds having to shutter their doors. Ever see one go out of business except for a poor location. No, they do what every other business does when their is a minimum wage, raise their prices!

They never mention even when their isn’t a price increase, McDonalds and other businesses raise their prices.

Fifty-three million workers ages 18-64 or 44% of all workers, earn barely enough to live on. Their median earnings are $10.22 per hour, and about $18,00 per year. These low-wage workers are concentrated in a relatively small number of occupations, including retail sales, cooks, food and beverage servers, janitors and housekeepers, personal care and service workers.

These statistics tell an important story: Millions of hardworking American adults struggle to eke out a living and support their families on very low wages.