Donald Trump has had to eat his words a few time this week. First he threatened to close the border to Mexico, saying “I’m not kidding. Then he threatened more tariffs on Mexico if they don’t stop the flow of illegal immigrants. 

But even the big guy has people he has to answer to. Corporate America who told Trump in no certain terms, Put the pistol back in the holster and stop shooting from the hip.

Both moves if Trump had his way would have crippled the economy and had a tremendous economic impact on the economy of both companies. 

Shutting the border would have crippled the trucking industry, you can see them lined up one after another at the border, stopping good from flowing in and out of both countries. 

Putting more tariff on Mexico would mean Mexico would raise the price of good coming to this country, and the consumers in the United States would pay more for goods. 

I don’t believe Trumps understands trade between countries and the reason this country runs a trade deficit is so our consumers won’t pay as much for foreign goods, which is

I think Trump like to hear himself talk, but it’s getting old. 



These mergers tickle me. Both companies always say business will be as usual, no job losses. Really?

The reason for a merger is to make money so, both companies usually have the same HR, finance, etc staffs, Why do you need both so you consolidate the offices, and somebody loses their job, usually the company which comes out on top of the merger. 

When Dover Downs recently merged with another company, Dover Downs being the lower company, Dover Downs management said he didn’t think their would be job losses, and the Mayor of Dover recounted how important the jobs and tax base was. 

Naw, ain’t gonna happen. Dover has been losing money, the hotel is a white elephant. You can’t make money comping rooms to high rollers or on race car week ends. 

And the new company didn’t buy Dover Downs to continue losing money. My thoughts are the hotel will be leased out or sold to a chain, and many duplicate jobs will be lost. 


Well my friend Joe Biden is the latest subject of the Me Too era. Joe was not accused of “grabbing” like Trump, but making females feel “uncomfortable” by his affectionate way Joe has done since I knew him since his first Senatorial campaign. 

Having been around Joe for some 40 years I have seen the VP hug, give a kiss on the cheeks of females, but nothing out of the way. 

Remember now, we are talking about a generation before Me Too where it was ok to hug or touch someone without either party giving it a second thought. That’s what politicians did during those years. 

I know of women who would be offended if Joe didn’t come up to them and give them a hug. My first wife was one of them. I’ve witnessed Joe consoling women at the loss of a spouse that would be considered a no no with the Me Too movement. He is just that kind of a guy.

When my wife passed, he was VP during a time of crisis in Washington, coming in during the Great Recession. He took time out of his schedule to call me twice to give me comfort and advice how to handle my grief. His son Beau attended her funeral and gave a speech on behalf of his dad and family. 

That’s the side of Joe many don’t know. 

The downside of the Me Too movement, is as soon as a female accuses a male of sexual harassment, rape, etc, a man is considered guilty, and even if proven innocent, wears guilty over his soul the rest of his life. 

An example of how too far this Me Too movement has gone: On FB a photo was shown of Joe taking a selfie of himself and behind him his first accuser during a campaign stop in support of her campaign. On his shoulder, was her hand. Do you think that made Joe uncomfortable as she said of him? See what I mean by going too far and one sided?

It is a matter of record Trump has had open affairs, one when he wife was pregnant, others when he was married, but no one seems to give a shit!!!



Again, Trump shot from the hip and missed his target; “We’re going to have a healthcare bill” to the shock of his Republican colleagues whose thought on healthcare was the furthest thing on their mind. 

After hearing Trump’s demands, and after Mitch McConnell changed his underwear, he informed his Chief, no way Jose. 

So now, the president has backed down on the “terrible Obamacare” and ‘promised” his cult gullible followers, “We will have one after the election.” No, the Republicans can’t and never have nor will come up with an affordable healthcare plan that will rival the current plan, for less money and more coverage. 

First and foremost, they don’t care whether you have coverage or not. Those rich yahoos in Congress are wealthy and what they rake in from corporations and lobbyists gives Republicans a damn good lifestyle, and of course they and their friends can afford to pay for health coverage. 

I’m not a gambler, but I’d be willing to bet the ranch they’ll never replace Obamacare. Can anyone name to me one time Republicans have had healthcare legislation…except to repeal the current legislation. 

My fear is Trump followers believe a  new, better, less costly Republican healthcare plan is coming. 

I just happened to recall. Trump made his promise on APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!


In a squeaker Randy Lee won re-election over Rick McVey by one vote, 23-22, Ward 3, in Laurel’s Town Election. 

In Ward 4, incumbent Cheryl Martin won handily over two other opponents receiving 27 votes over Al Erskine who received 12, and Brice Ingram who received 5 votes.  

Mayor John Shwed was unopposed, as was Councilman at large, Chris Calio. 

Council people serve 4 year terms, the mayor a 2 year term. 


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos married to the owner of Avon Cosmetics Company had been the target of public criticism since her appointment, with quotes and cuts to education that has raised eye brows. 

Her children all received private education, good that she could afford it, but she apparently doesn’t have a clue the struggles public education has and how her cuts have affected the less fortunate cutting early learning programs primarily targeted for the poor.

Her latest target for cuts has caused out cries from Special Olympics and stats who count on federal money for their programs. 

She has proposed $17.6 million in 2020  federal funding cuts for Special Olympics. 

She has supported her cuts saying Special Olympics collects millions of dollars in private contributions thus the cuts shouldn’t affect the organization. 

Non-profits today are lazy, holding their hands out for federal and state help, and their budgets reflect that. Before this aid, non-profits ut on fund raising functions from bake sales, to large raffles. 

Special Olympics has gone beyond that financial help, and the government should be rewarding them instead of penalizing them. 

Special Olympics Delaware organized in 1971 with sports training and competition in 20 sports involving more than 4000 athletes with intellectual disabilities has given many the confidence to offset their disabilities. Multiply this number throughout the US. 

This state receives $100,000 for it’s Unified Champion Program, which is recommended to be axed by Education Secretary DeVos.

More than 150 schools in Delaware, preschool through high school participate in the Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools program. 

Those of you who cried, “Bring back out government to our state,” I say, be careful what you wish for. This is government’s way of putting the tax burden on you. 

You pay now, or pay later. This is one program, successful, meaningful and an’t broke, doesn’t need fixing. 

UPDATE: TRUMP HAS REVERSED HIS DECISION; FUNDING FOR SPECIAL OLYMPICS WILL NOT BE AFFECTED BY HIS BUDGET. I’m sure this monumental decision  came after both parties said they would not pass this part of his budget cuts. He is of course taking credit for over ruling Secretary DeVos when in fact he had no choice. 


Yogi Berra the legendary catcher of the NY Yankees, manager of the Yanks and Mets was as well known for his off field remarks, as his playing ability.

It’s ain’t over till it’s over was a good one, but someone did one better; it ain’t over still the fat lady sings. 

Trump was aglow yesterday when the Muller report was released and his appointed AG wrote a 17 page summary saying their was no collusion with Russians involving Trump. 

Today he wasn’t so cocky as his AG added to his remarks that Trump wasn’t so squeaky clean. You can’t indict a sitting president. but Democrats are unhappy they aren’t receiving the full report, although their are legal ways to get the report. 

So Trump, if I were you I wouldn’t get too cocky. 16 indictments and a few going to jail must mean some of that report is tied to you.