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I finally understand what President Trump means by “Fake News”. Anyone who disagrees with Trump and writes what he considers negative reporting, is “fake News. He is too thin skinned and spoiled to admit any wrong doing. Idiot.


President Trumps cabinet has been controversial, some have bordered on being very questionable because of their conflict of interest, others not being qualified.

Certainly their will be a turnover of many of Trumps appointments. The first casualty is General Michael Flynn, his national security advisor has been under fire over his so-called relationship with Russia, his lying while being vetted saying he had not had discussions with Russian leaders discussing possible removal of some sanctions against the Russians by the U.S.

The Republican controlled Congress has the authority to call up Trumps tax returns to see if he has any ties or close relationships with the Russians. They sure as hell didn’t waste time searching for dirt on Hillary Clinton. Why are they dragging their feet on something as important as national security.

A Russian spy ship has been reported being seen off the Delaware coast. Maybe they are waiting for a formal invitation from our president to just come on in and dock?

Even some of Trumps close advisors are facing censure; Kellyanne Conway who lies every day when her lips move, is under investigation by the ethics committee for using her position  to ‘advertise’ Ivanka’s  clothing and accessory lines on a FOX news show.


Donald Trump wants an investigation into voter fraud because he feels millions of illegal immigrants voted against him. Well, Trump believes everyone should have voted for the egomaniac president. Give me a break.

Their was .00004% voter fraud reported in the past election. States have so many voter safe guards you wouldn’t  believe. Drivers licenses are compared with voter registration.

And he’s not happy with his crowd numbers at his swearing in. He claims the press miscounted, he had more than any president being sworn in.

I don’t know if I can stand this guy for 4 years.


Another one of Trumps executive orders allows two oil pipe lines to be constructed or continued. “Great deal” Trump claims, “2500 jobs” he adds. Really Mr. Trump.

After construction of the pipeline only 100 jobs will be created to oversee the operation of the pipelines. And one pipe line from Canada going through Indian lands and pristine land, and to add insult to injury the oil will be going to China, not a drop to the U.S.

As a result the stock market sky rocketed especially oil stocks; again to help the wealthy at the expense of the poor Indians who don’t have the power nor the money to fight the oil giants.


For some one critical of Barack Obama signing executive orders President Trump has certainly done his share in his first week as our fearless leader.

The latest is to build his border wall, and restore torture.

 The wall is estimated to cost between $8 billion, Trumps numbers, upwards to $20 billion, more realistic. And he wants to hire 5000 more border patrol people. Again another Ronald Reagan who wants smaller government but who added to the national debt and grew government.

His plan to pay for the wall is to ask Mexico to pay the tab. Mexico has politely told Trump to stick the wall where the sun don’t shine. They didn’t ask for the wall. If they don’t pay he will take that money from the $57 million we give Mexico in foreign aid.

Watch out Trump, you may be starting a trade war.

And then he wants to start to start torturing those who pose a threat to our government, like water boarding. He asked his advisors what they thought of the idea and he said they all thought it was a good idea. I have news for you; if you work for Trump you had better agree with him or out the door you go.

Senator John McCain who was a prisoner of war is totally against it as are other members of Congress. He has also threatened to cut off federal aid to cities who protect illegal immigrants. He wants them deported and cares nothing about ripping children born in this country from their illegal parents.

What have we elected?



Economist had predicted whomever was elected president the U.S. was headed to a recession. Apparently the economy has not fully recovered from the last Bush recession, and if the U.S. were to have another we could have a possible depression.

Economic indicators lead one to believe their predictions are true. Economic growth has slowed for the past 5 quarters as has job growth. Banks are getting greedy and reckless with their building loans as they were in the past recession.

Republican presidents seem to rule recessions. As a result history could portend a bad omen for President-elect Donald Trump. Every Republican president since Teddy Roosevelt in the early 1900’s endured a recession in their first term, according to a recent analysis from a investment strategist at stock research firm CFRA.

Four Republican presidents suffered through two recessions while in office and Republican President Dwight Eisenhower presided over three. Meanwhile Democrats  have largely skated past the recession quicksand. Four in five Democratic presidents saw no recessions during their terms since 1945.

While history isn’t gospel, the track record makes the odds of a recession during President Trump’s term all the more likely.

Oh well, Republicans will still have their guns.